Job Announcement for Chinese & Korean Teachers

New Generation School

Job Announcement for Full Time (20 hours per week)

Highly Qualified Chinese & Korean Teachers

Kampuchea Action to Promote Education is a local organization working closely with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Franks Family Foundation (FFF) to implement the New Generation School Program. Please note that this is a government-funded Program. The program is currently in the process of opening a Foreign Language Program in the Second Semester at Hun Sen Kampong Cham HS and needs two language teachers. One position is for a Chinese Language Teacher and another for a Korean Language Teacher for Grades 9, 10, and 11. Anyone with fluency and experience in teaching these languages at the beginning and intermediate levels is welcome to apply. The NGS Program encourages diversity and welcomes individuals of all genders, ethnicity, and religions to apply. Job duties for the position are listed below:


Job Duties:


Classroom preparation:

  1. Prepare and deliver lessons to a range of classes of different ages and abilities.
  2. Select and use a range of different learning resources and equipment.
  3. Organise the classroom and learning resources and create displays to encourage a positive learning environment.
  4. Plan and prepare lessons that cater to the needs of the whole ability range within their class and instructional activities that facilitate active learning experiences. Both must be made to develop the student’s critical thinking.
  5. Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities.
  6. Prepare the classroom for class activities.
  7. Keep updated with developments in Foreign Languages (e.g., English, Chinese, Korean, etc.), teaching resources, and methods, and make relevant changes to instructional plans and activities.


Classroom Teaching:

  1. Present lessons and instructional activities related to Foreign Language Instruction.
  2. Use relevant technology to support instruction.
  3. Instruct and monitor students using learning materials and equipment.


Student Assessment:

  1. Observe and evaluate students’ performance and development.
  2. Assign and grade class work, homework, tests and assignments.
  3. Provide appropriate feedback on work.
  4. Maintain records of pupils’ progress and development.


Student educational support:

  1. Encourage and monitor the progress of individual students.
  2. Undertake pastoral duties, such as taking on the role of subject tutor, and supporting pupils on an individual basis through academic or personal difficulties.
  3. Communicate necessary information regularly to students, colleagues and parents regarding student progress and student needs.
  4. Provide guidance to students who are undertaking projects relating to Foreign Language.


Student Discipline :

  1. Manage student behavior in the classroom by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures.
  2. Maintain discipline in accordance with the rules and disciplinary systems of the school.
  3. Apply appropriate disciplinary measures when necessary.


Extracurricular activities:

  1. Participate in extracurricular activities such as advising student clubs, social activities, sporting activities, and student organizations such as the Student Council.
  2. Participate in department and school meetings, parent meetings.
  3. Participate in teacher trainings as needed.
  4. Organise and take part in school events, outings and activities which may take place at weekends or in the evening.
  5. Work with parents and school governors to maximise their involvement in the school and the development of resources for the school.


Key Qualifications :


The Teacher is expected to:

  • Have a teaching degree.
  • Han ave extensive background in an assigned Foreign Language (e.g., English, Chinese, Korean, etc.).
  • Concur with the ideas, values and objectives of the NGS program including compliance with measures that prevent the occurrence of a ‘commercial’ relationship with students in which money is changing hands (e.g., rien kua).
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Have good organizational and time-management skills.
  • Have initiative, leadership and supervisory skill.

Individuals of all backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. KAPE is committed to child protection. We reserve the right to terminate staff employment should background checks reveal that children may be at risk. All staff is expected to commit to children’s protection. Candidates are encouraged to keep CVs to (maximum 3 pages), and three (3) references or less. No certificates are required at this time and need NOT be attached to resumes. Interested applicants may submit a cover letter and CV to: Attention: KAPE Main Office: Provincial Teacher Training College, Kampong Cham Town, Kampong Cham Province or contact to the NGS Operations Manager, Mr. UL Run, Email:; (+855) 12 344 655 and HR manager Mr. Chhuon Saran Email:, (+855) 12 752 553 and Foreign Language Coordinator, Mr. Thai Thearith Email:, (+855) 17 970 756 Closing Date: On  20 March 2023 before 5:00 PM.